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Beijing time September 25 news, the 2020 French Open announced the women's singles draw, the top seed Halep and the 23rd Grand Slam winner Serena Williams were divided into the upper half, the No. 2 seed card · Pliskova was assigned to the lower half with No. 4 seed and Australian Open champion Kenning.




Although Halep has been gaining momentum recently, he has not lost since the Australian Open and won three consecutive championships in a 14-game winning streak, but this time the French Open signing is not friendly to her. Almost all important opponents are concentrated in her. The upper half of the area. In the first two rounds, Halep doesn’t have to worry too much. In the third round, he may face the post-00 rookie Anisimova, who defeated herself in the quarter-finals of the US Open last year, and his opponent in the fourth round may It was Wan Zhuosova, the runner-up of last year's tournament.

尽管哈勒普(Halep)最近一直保持增长势头,但自从澳网公开赛以来他并没有输球,并且在连续14场连胜中赢得了三连冠,但是这次法网公开赛对她并不友好。几乎所有重要的对手都集中在她身上。该区域的上半部分。在前两轮中,Halep不必太担心。在第三轮中,他可能会面对00后新秀阿尼西莫娃(Anisimova),后者在去年的美国公开赛四分之一决赛中击败了自己,而在第四轮中的对手可能是去年的亚军万卓索娃(Wan Zhuosova)。比赛。

If you can pass these two levels in a row, Halep will be the winner of the two pre-season semi-finals Bertens and Conta. However, these two big seeds have been in a flat state recently, and the deep-rooted library cannot be ruled out. Znetsova and Sakari, who have improved a lot this year, may take the opportunity to take the lead. In addition, Konta will face strong rookie Gove in the first round.

如果您可以连续通过这两个级别,那么哈勒普将成为季前赛半决赛贝滕斯和康塔两场比赛的获胜者。但是,这两个大种子近来一直处于平稳状态,不能排除根深蒂固的图书馆。 Znetsova和Sakari今年取得了很大进步,他们可能会借此机会凯发国际首页入口带头。此外,康塔将在第一轮面对强大的新秀戈夫。



The big seed in this area is No. 3 seed Svitolina. The Ukrainian girl is expected to win easily in the first two rounds. In the third round, she will face Russian sister Alexandrova. The fourth round may have to encounter just in the US Open. Mertens entered the quarter-finals, but overall Svitolina's hopes of qualifying to the quarter-finals are still considerable. She will wait for the winners of Serena and Aza.

该地区最大的种子是3号种子Svitolina。乌克兰姑娘有望在前两轮中轻松获胜。在第三轮比赛中,她将面对俄罗斯姐妹亚历山大。第四轮可能只在美国公开赛上遇到。 Mertens进入了八强,但总的来说,Svitolina晋级八强的希望仍然很大。她将等待Serena和Aza的获胜者。

Serena Williams' opponent in the first round will be compatriot Christie Ann, and in the second round will face the winners of Pironkova and Petkovic. Among them, Pironkova just lost to the quarterfinals of the US Open. Own, the third round opponent will be the doubles titan Strikova. Azarenka, who had won a big victory in North America, moved to clay court, and he is expected to meet Dawei in the second round. The two have just met in the first round of Rome, and the third round opponent will be the US Open quarterfinals Pudinseva If Azar can win, he will face Serena Williams. This is the two meet again after the semifinals of the US Open.




Although he just lost to Azarenka in Rome with two 0-6 face losses, but the Australian Open champion Kenning's signing is still quite good. The first threatening opponent has to wait until the third round of Vicki. , The fourth round may encounter Lebakina, who is rising rapidly this season, if she can win, she may play against Muguruza again after the Australian Open final.

尽管他刚刚在罗马以2比6输给罗马的阿扎伦卡,但澳网冠军肯宁的签约仍然相当不错。第一个威胁的对手必须等到第三轮维姬。 ,第四轮可能会遇到本赛季正在迅速崛起的勒巴基纳,如果她能赢球,她可能会在澳网决赛后再次与穆古鲁扎比赛。

As a former champion, Muguruza has a very good sign this time. Her opponents before entering the quarterfinals are only Brady, Kareem or Sabalenka, even the potential opponent Kenning in the quarterfinals. After arriving on the clay court, his power is greatly reduced. If Muguruza can play normally, he is expected to return to the semi-finals of the French Open.




Although he was unlucky in the final in Rome and retired due to injury, Ka Pliskova's signing at the French Open was very good. She was in the lower half of almost avoiding all the favorites to win, and the Czechs ushered in again. Say goodbye to the "after the uncrowned" opportunity. In the first round, she will face a qualifier. In the second round, she may face the former champion Ostapenko, who is no longer well-respected. In the third round, the opponent may be the former runner-up Stephens, who is also in poor condition. May encounter No. 13 seed Martic.


In the quarter-finals, Pliskova is expected to stage a Czech civil war with compatriot Kvitova, but Kvitova's recent state is also very worrying, so the former semi-finals may be expected to break through. In addition, Case in the first round The opponent will be China's Jinhua Zhang Shuai, and the third round is expected to have a strong dialogue with Kobel. Generally speaking, although Pliskova has a large number of famous players in this area, most of them are at a low point. This time it depends on whether she can seize the opportunity. (Ethan)

在四分之一决赛中,普利斯科娃预计将与同胞科维托娃进行捷克内战,但科维托娃的最近状态也令人担忧,因此前半决赛有望突破。此外,凯斯在第一轮的对手将是中国的金华张帅,而第三轮有望与科贝尔进行有力的对话。总体而言,尽管普里斯科娃在这一领域拥有众多的知名球员,但大多数人处于低谷。这次取决于她是否可以抓住机会。 (伊桑)

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