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As a guest in Granada, Real Madrid played the smoothest sporting offensive in recent times, gaining a two-goal advantage in just 15 minutes. Zidane once again sacrificed the "Christmas Tree" after the Western Super Cup, using the ball control + speed up to complete the start. After changing sides, Granada's morale boosted after pulling back a goal. Zidane used winger tactics to curb the opponent's wing offensive. The best defense in La Liga withstood the test under heavy pressure.


Under the pressure of attrition, Real Madrid defeated the "angry" Alaves away, and Real Madrid has actually surpassed the last obstacle on the road to the league title. With the return of Ramos, Carvajal and Hazard, the White Corps saw the hope of completing the summit with a wave of victories. The task of relegation was completed early and it was difficult to win the Europa League qualification. The hopeless Granada should not have become a stumbling block on the road to Real Madrid's championship.


In the first half of the season, Real Madrid played the 433 formation in most games. In order to cope with injuries and attrition and to solve the problem of forward weakness, Zidane has changed frequently since the Western Super Cup. Since the national derby of the second round, Zidane has used a 433 switch 442 system the most. After Vinicius & Isco, Rodrigo & Ascencio ensured the continuity of the tactic.

在本赛季的前半段,皇家马德里在大多数比赛中打出433队。为了应付伤病和消耗以及解决前锋虚弱的问题,自从西部超级杯以来,齐达内经常更换。自第二轮全国德比比赛以来,齐达内使用最多的是433 switch 442系统。在Vinicius&Isco之后,Rodrigo&Ascencio确保了战术的连续性。

Just when people thought that Real Madrid had completed the forward adjustment and was about to rely on the depth of the front line to set off an offensive storm, Zidane completed the "restoration" in this game: the wingers were on standby, and the Christmas tree was back in the arena. Zidane's move is based on the need for rotation on the one hand, and on the other hand, he hopes to achieve unexpected tactical effects in the away game.


Granada's formation for this campaign is 541. The two wing guards are very cautious in selecting positions in the defense, and four midfielders are responsible for strangling forward. This is obviously to curb the preparations made by the bilateral forward 433. Diego Martinez originally hoped to create a numerical advantage in the midfield and defend against Real Madrid's forwards in a low post. Zidane's slant deployment was far beyond his expectations.

格拉纳达的阵型为541。两名边防警卫队在选择防御阵地时非常谨慎,四名中场负责向前扑杀。显然,这是为了遏制双边前锋433所做的准备。迭戈·马丁内斯(Diego Martinez)最初希望在中场创造数字优势,并以低位防守皇家马德里的前锋。齐达内的倾斜部署远远超出了他的预期。

With Benzema's retreat, Real Madrid formed a de facto six midfielder in the offensive organization stage. Granada's five-man defense line was left aside, and the midfield quartet fell into an outnumbered situation. Real Madrid's control over the midfield is all-round, embodied in links such as pressure, ball possession and speed. F. Valverde, Isco & Modric and Benzema have become the protagonists at different times. The Granada midfielder tried to head-to-head with Real Madrid, causing the wing to become more and more empty. Carvajal and Mendy entered the front court successively, and the latter's La Liga goal came just right.

随着本泽马的撤退,皇家马德里在进攻组织阶段实际上已经组成了六个中场。格拉纳达的五人防线被搁置了,中场四重奏陷入了人数众多的局面。皇马对中场的控制是全方位的,体现在压力,控球和速度等方面。 F. Valverde,Isco&Modric和Benzema在不同时期成为主角。格拉纳达凯发国际首页入口中场试图与皇家马德里并肩作战,导致机翼变得越来越空。卡瓦哈尔(Carvajal)和门迪(Mendy)先后进入前法庭,而后者的西甲进球恰恰是正确的。

Real Madrid can easily penetrate the opponent's defense line. On the one hand, Mendy on the flanks has a strong rear impact and the speed-up is guaranteed. On the other hand, Valverde has improved the vitality of the midfield. Isco and Mo Derridge's technical advantage is obvious, the connection between the three lines, strong and weak sides of the team is closer, and the ability to control multiple tactics is also enhanced.

皇马可以轻松突破对手的防守线。一方面,侧面的Mendy具有很强的后部冲击力,并且可以保证加速。另一方面,瓦尔韦德提高了中场的活力。 Isco和Mo Derridge的技术优势显而易见,三条线之间的联系紧密,队伍的强弱双方也更紧密,控制多种战术的能力也得到了增强。

Real Madrid in the Lopetegui era lacked aggressiveness, Solari's team was able to play speed, but the efficiency in front of the goal was too low. Zidane's team can complete the leap forward on record, the changes brought about by the two newcomers are crucial.

Lopetegui时代的皇家马德里缺乏侵略性,Solali的球队虽然可以打速度,但射门前的效率过低。 Zidane的团队可以完成有记录的飞跃,两位新人带来的变化至关重要。

In the "Christmas Tree" during the Western Super Cup period, F. Valverde was ahead of Modric and completed several crosses through the ribs. In this campaign, F. Valverde's position is relatively late, Zidane hopes to use his running and defense to reduce Casemiro's load and further strengthen the control of the midfield.

在西部超级杯时期的“圣诞树”中,瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)领先莫德里奇(Modric),并通过肋骨完成了多个十字架。在这次竞选中,瓦尔韦德的位置相对较晚,齐达内希望利用自己的奔跑和防守来减轻卡塞米罗的负担并进一步加强对中场的控制。

Failing to get his favorite target, Pogba, Zidane rejected the club’s proposal to introduce Eriksson and Van der Beek. He believes that Real Madrid has no shortage of players who are good at passing threats, and there are also players who can be like Heddy back then. Pull like a B2B midfield that provides longitudinal radiation. F. Valverde's upper position has caused a great impact on Isco and Ronaldo. The former can still play a role in the control-oriented formation (442 and 451), while the latter is not so lucky. In the most intensive stage of the schedule, Ronaldo was continuously excluded from the big list, and the countdown to leave the team has entered.

齐达内未能得到他最喜欢的目标波格巴,因此拒绝了俱乐部引进埃里克森和范德比克的提议。他认为,皇马并不缺乏擅长于传递威胁的球员,也有当时像赫迪的球员。像提供纵向辐射的B2B中场一样拉。 F. Valverde的上风对Isco和Ronaldo产生了巨大影响。前者仍然可以在以控制为导向的结构中发挥作用(442和451),而后者却不是那么幸运。在日程安排的最紧张阶段,罗纳尔多不断被排除在大名单之外,而进入球队的倒数计时已经进入。

After taking a two-goal lead early, Real Madrid tried to use the ball to consume time and waited until the second half to rely on the substitute players to change. Diego Martinez saw the opponent's intentions, Granada rushed to attack before Zidane completed the substitution adjustment, Marches' goal boosted the morale of the home team, Puertas and Archie The right-wing offensive led by here suppressed Real Madrid.

尽早取得两球领先后,皇马试图利用球浪费时间,直到下半场依靠替补球员来改变。迭戈·马丁内斯(Diego Martinez)看到了对手的意图,齐达内(Zidane)完成换人调整之前,格拉纳达(Granada)急忙进攻,马尔凯斯(Marches)的进球提高了主队普埃塔斯(Puertas)和阿奇(Archie)的士气。

Real Madrid became passive in the second half because of the lack of speed in the frontcourt of the "Christmas Tree", and it is difficult to fight back quickly after losing the ball and falling into the low post. Zidane later replaced Rodrigo (rather than Vinicius) and Asensio for control, not shock. On the other hand, Casemiro and Carvajal are in a mediocre state and have become the opponent's key targets.


Since the rematch, Casemiro has played the entire game 8 times in 9 games. He only received a break from the suspension in his home game against Mallorca. Carvajal also started 8 times and played only less time. Casemiro missed 45 minutes (45 minutes played against Evar).

自从重新比赛以来,Casemiro在9场比赛中已经出场8次。在对阵马洛卡的主场比赛中,他只获得了暂停休息的机会。卡瓦哈尔(Carvajal)也开始了8次比赛,只打了更少的时间。 Casemiro错过了45分钟(对阵Evar的比赛是45分钟)。

Nacho recuperated for a long time, Real Madrid's guard line lost the jackpot patch, and the defensive effect of Militang and Vazquez on the right gate was not very good. Before the offseason as a guest at Mestalla, Zidane had arranged for Casemiro to rest. F. Valverde's performance in the midfield position did not meet the requirements, and this test did not follow. Without suitable substitutes, Casemiro and Carvajal can only be overloaded, and it is inevitable to decline after continuous combat.

纳乔休养了很长时间,皇马的后卫线失去了累积奖金,米利当和瓦兹克斯在右边门的防守效果不是很好。休赛期在梅斯塔拉(Mestalla)做客之前,齐达内已安排凯斯米罗(Casemiro)休息。 F. Valverde在中场位置的表现不符合要求,并且该测试没有进行。如果没有合适的替代品,Casemiro和Carvajal只能超载,在连续战斗后不可避免地会下降。

Two front-and-back use without front line, the time span of up to six months, Real Madrid not only won in these games, but also detected its own problems. Real Madrid has been trapped in the "frontline weakness" problem for a long time, but there are few rumors in the transfer market that they will continue to strengthen their frontline. On the one hand, because Real Madrid’s current lineup of strikers is huge, it is not easy to clean up redundant staff, and it will not be able to make room for new aid for a while; on the other hand, Zidane is satisfied with the current configuration, and different combinations of personnel are enough to complete For different tasks, the energy of Hazard and Jovic has not been released yet, and the strongest are already in the formation.


With F. Valverde and Mendy in the upper position, Courtois regained his peak state, and the stability and pressure resistance of Real Madrid's defense have been greatly improved. It is thanks to the bottom line of high-level defense that Real Madrid can "grind" out many victories in the absence of strength. Compared with the potential frontcourt, Real Madrid's priority in signings should be to find substitutes for Casemiro and Carvajal.

在瓦尔韦德(F. Valverde)和门迪(Mendy)占据上风的情况下,科图瓦斯恢复了巅峰状态,皇家马德里队的防守稳定性和耐压性得到了极大提高。得益于高水平防御的底线,皇马可以在没有实力的情况下“磨碎”凯发国际首页入口许多胜利。与潜在的前场相比,皇马在签约方面的优先考虑应该是寻找Casemiro和Carvajal的替代者。

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