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Tiger Fight, October 5, Beijing Youth Daily reported that the national football team will invite the Chinese Football Association special referee lecturer Tao Rancheng to announce the latest penalty rules for the national football team to avoid losses caused by not understanding the rules in the world preliminaries.


According to the report, according to the plan, the National Football Team will not only participate in regular outdoor technical and tactical training, but also use the spare time to "compensate" theoretical knowledge. On the evening of October 5th, they will first participate in the study of the latest FIFA penalty rules. The lecturer, the Chinese Football Association's special referee instructor, Tao Rancheng, will solve their doubts and answer questions based on examples of disputes and penalties encountered by the international players in the professional league competition.

根据报告,按照计划,国家橄榄球队不仅将参加定期的户外技术和战术训练,还将利用业余时间来“凯发k8娱乐官网入口补偿”理论知识。 10月5日晚上,他们将首先参加国际足联最新处罚规则的研究。讲师是中国足协的特别裁判员凯发国际首页入口陶然成,他将根据国际球员在职业联赛中遇凯发国际首页入口到的争议和处罚的例子,解决他们的疑问并回答问题。

The National Football team invited the referee lecturer to give lessons to the national football team, and it was not a temporary intention. It is understood that in the first stage of the Chinese Super League, quite a few controversial penalties occurred in a considerable part of the game, and the overreaction of some players to the controversial penalties also attracted the attention of the national football coach Li Tie who was inspecting the players on the spot.


The coaching staff of the national football team pays attention to the improvement of the players' own technical ability, but also pays special attention to the training of the team's ability to respond on the field. "Mastering and correctly implementing the penalty rules, truly respecting referees and the principle of fair competition" is one of the important manifestations of the comprehensive competitiveness of national players. Under this circumstance, the coach believes that taking advantage of this rare training opportunity, the international players must accept a business study of the penalty rules, so the former international referee Tao Rancheng, who is a special referee lecturer of the Chinese Football Association, was invited to give lectures at the National Football Association.

国家足球队的教练组既注重球员自身技术能力的提高,又特别重视对球队响应能力的训练。 “掌握并正确执行处罚规则,真正尊重裁判员和公平竞争原则”,是国家运动员综合竞争力的重要体现之一。在这种情况下,教练认为,利用这一难得的训练机会,国际球员必须接受有关处罚规则的商业研究,因此,中国足球协会特别裁判讲师陶然成曾任国际足协主席。受邀在美国国家足球协会(National Football Association)演讲。

According to the plan, the National Football Team will participate in the lecture on the content of the penalty rules at the resident hotel at around 6 pm on October 5. Due to the limited time, the lecturer will focus on several types of penalty cases that are prone to controversy and misunderstandings that occurred during the Super League, and explain the essentials of the adjustment of FIFA penalty rules for the international footballers, and analyze the doubts and difficulties involved.


For example, when a defender makes a shovel, if he touches the ball first, should he be fined a foul? Some players think that as long as "touch the ball first" is not a foul. However, according to the latest penalty rules, if the player making the tackle uses unnecessary (excessive) force, even if he touches the ball first, it will be considered a foul, and the serious player may even be issued a red card by the referee.


Another type of case that is more likely to cause controversy is that the assistant referee raises the flag to indicate "offside first" after the attacking team finishes the shot in offside situations. In this regard, some offensive players on the field or offensive members on the bench believe that the referee's penalty is too slow. However, the latest penalty rules show that once VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology intervenes after the penalty is imposed, the assistant referee will sometimes be required to delay the raising of the flag, rather than intentionally by the assistant referee on duty.


It is understood that in the course of teaching, Tao Rancheng will combine the penalty cases encountered by the players and even the active national script players in the league, and analyze the rules of the penalty in a simple way. Such a study on the one hand will benefit the international footballers' deep understanding and mastery of the latest changes in the international refereeing rules, so as to prepare for the next stage of the second stage of the Chinese Super League with a rational mind. More importantly, in the next half of the top 40 matches, the national football team will also face the enforcement of foreign referees. If the internationals lose their minds in the game due to poor control of the penalty rules, or rough fouls or disrespect to the referee, it may cause irreparable losses not only to the individual, but also to the team. It can be seen that the lecture was very timely.


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