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In the summer of 1993, during the reconstruction of the legendary North Stand of Highbury Stadium, when construction workers dig below the stadium, they suddenly found a huge egg buried in the ground and the construction was forced to stop. The club staff wrapped the egg in a blanket and placed it in a warm corner of the Highbury Marble Hall. After a while, the little guy in the egg broke free from the prehistoric prison and entered the modern world: Gunnersaurus (hereinafter referred to as G ) Was born.


Today, nearly 30 years later, this big man who has traveled from ancient times often haunts North London. Many fans like to teach G brother how to be a man, such as how to play a penalty kick with children, how to be silent for 1 minute, how to load and fire a T-shirt cannon.


But there are too many doubts about the mysterious G: Which dinosaur is he most closely related to? How did you get here? Who made football boots for this 7-foot reptile? In order to answer these questions, we contacted some outstanding paleontologists and asked them to chat.


"In my opinion, Brother G is most likely a theropod dinosaur." said Professor Paul Barrett, a dinosaur expert at the Natural History Museum in London. Barrett has published more than 200 papers on the law of life and evolution of dinosaurs. He pointed out that theropod dinosaurs include Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus. "The theropods have sharp claws and can only walk on their hind feet."

“我认为G兄弟很可能是兽脚亚目恐龙。”伦敦自然历史博物馆的恐龙专家保罗·巴雷特教授说。巴雷特发表了200多篇有关恐龙的生命规律和进化规律的论文。他指出兽脚亚目恐龙包括迅猛龙和霸王龙。 “兽脚类动物的爪子很锋利,只能用后脚走路。”

Paleontologist and science writer David Moscato agreed. "I think Brother G is indeed a theropod dinosaur." He said enthusiastically, "I also searched some information on the Internet and found a video of Brother G grabbing something with his hand. This is another theropod dinosaur. A feature."

古生物学家和科学作家戴维·莫斯卡托(David Moscato)表示同意。 “我认为G兄弟确实是兽脚亚目恐龙。”他满腔热情地说:“我也在互联网上搜索了一些信息,发现了G兄弟用手抓东西的视频。这是另一种兽脚亚目恐龙。这是一个功能。”

Well, there is definitely no more scientific research method than "online search".


So is Brother G really a theropod dinosaur? No, we haven't solved the case yet. Both Moscato and Professor Barrett found that in some respects, G did not seem to be the offspring of theropod dinosaurs.

那么G兄弟真的是兽脚亚目恐龙吗?不,我们尚未解决此案。 Moscato和Barrett教授都发现在某些方面,G似乎不是兽脚亚目恐龙的后代。

"Like humans, many dinosaurs have 5 fingers on their hands, but theropod dinosaurs started to lose their fingers early in the evolution." Moscato explained, "But G has 4 fingers. This shows that If Brother G belongs to the theropod dinosaur, then it must be very old and has not lost its fourth finger."

“像人类一样,许多恐龙的手指上有5个手指,但兽脚亚目恐龙在进化的早期就开始失去手指。” Moscato解释说:“但是G有四个手指。这表明如果G兄弟属于兽脚亚目恐龙,那么它一定很老并且没有失去其第四根手指。”

Of course, Brother G needs a fourth finger. After all, he has to shake hands with other mascots, put on a full set of clothes for himself, and run his own Twitter account.


Steve Brucet, a fossil expert at the University of Edinburgh, told me that G might belong to a sauropod like whales and dragons, and he also proposed a more radical theory. "Brother G looks like a strange mixture with the characteristics of several different types of dinosaurs. He may be a genetic mutant that paleontologists have not yet discovered."

爱丁堡大学的化石专家史蒂夫·布鲁斯(Steve Brucet)告诉我,G可能像鲸鱼和龙一样属于蜥脚类动物,他还提出了一个更为激进的理论。 “ G兄弟看起来像是一种奇怪的混合物,具有几种不同类型的恐龙的特征。他可能是古​​生物学家尚未发现的遗传突变体。”

This statement is controversial and may cause many Gunners fans to question: Is Brother G a purebred dinosaur or is it the product of secret genetic experiments conducted by the Arsenal board of directors in the 1990s? At that time, George Graham was fired by Arsenal because of corruption, or because he discovered that David Dane was planning some kind of secret experiment?

这个说法是有争议的,并且可能引起许多枪手爱好者的质疑:G兄弟是纯种恐龙,还是阿森纳董事会在1990年代进行的秘密基因实验的产物?当时,乔治·格雷厄姆(George Graham)是因为腐败而被阿森纳(Arsenal)解雇,还是因为他发现戴维·戴恩(David Dane)正在计划某种秘密实验?

Regarding the origin of G brother, you should have heard another story-in 1994, Arsenal invited several mascots to participate in "trial training", the winner will become the club's new mascot. We know that the science fiction adventure movie "Jurassic Park" released in 1993 was an unprecedented success, and Peter Lowell, who was only 11 years old, was inspired by it to design Brother G.

关于G兄弟的来历,您应该应该听到另一个故事。1994年,阿森纳邀请了几个吉祥物参加“试训”,获胜者将成为俱乐部的新吉祥物。我们知道,1993年发行的科幻冒凯发国际首页入口险电影《侏罗纪公园》取得了空前的成功,而年仅11岁的彼得·洛厄尔(Peter Lowell)受其启发设计了G兄弟。

Lovell even considered how to design clothes for Brother G. At that time, he said, "The weight of the belly and the tail must be equal, or Brother G will fall."


You must be wondering, who is the actor of Brother G? I can tell everyone that he is an ordinary employee of Arsenal, but on match day he will wear a dinosaur suit and go out to greet the fans. If Arsenal change their jerseys, Brother G will also change their clothes, but his oversized clothes are not provided by the jersey sponsor Adidas, but the work of a professional mascot costume designer. After all, the designer must leave a hole in the tail of the shorts.


At the Emirates Stadium, G's costume is usually placed in the mascot locker room close to the press office, but he brought the costume back home before the new crown crisis, so everyone can see G brother during this time. Life at home.


As a mascot, Brother G's job is more than just shaking hands or hugging the fans. According to a source who once wore Brother G's dinosaur suit, the suit will exude an ancient and charming fragrance; a colleague joked that if this continues, G brother will soon become "Sister G"... Sometimes, the Arsenal staff will invite young fans to wear G brother's costume, and will provocatively tell G brother that the fans' performance is much better than him.

作为吉祥物,G兄弟的工作不仅仅是握手或拥抱球迷。一位曾经穿着G兄弟的恐龙服的消息人士说,该服将散发着古老而迷人的香气。一位同事开玩笑说,如果这种情况继续下去,G兄弟很快就会成为“ G姐姐” ...有时,阿森纳工作人员会邀请年轻的球迷穿着G兄弟的服装,并挑衅地告诉G兄弟,他们的表现比他。

When the Southend United mascot Sammy the Shrimp passed away, mascots such as G brother and Manchester City Moonchester attended his funeral. They carried the coffin of Sami Shrimp to the crematorium, and then stood there in silence. Unfortunately, when the pastor asked everyone to bow their heads, G's long neck almost knocked down the condorers in front of him.

绍森德联队的吉祥物虾米(Sammy the Shrimp)去世时,G兄弟和曼彻斯特城(Manchester City Moonchester)等吉祥物参加了他的葬礼。他们把萨米虾的棺材运到火葬场,然后静静地站在那里。不幸的是,当牧师要求所有人低头时,G的长脖子差点撞倒了他面前的神鹰。

With the passage of time, we have learned more and more about G's living habits. Most theropods are carnivores, but some have evolved into omnivores and even herbivores. Arsenal defender Bellerin may have discussed the benefits of vegetarianism with G brother, but I am afraid that the conversation was not successful-in a tweet posted not long ago, we found that G brother also seems to like meat.


It is said that the longest life span of Tyrannosaurus (probably a close relative of G) is about 30 years; the Chicago Field Museum preserves the oldest Tyrannosaurus rex fossil discovered so far, and that Tyrannosaurus has lived for 29 years. Brother G is almost 27 years old now... "In the UK, we can't find too many complete carnivorous dinosaurs (fossils). Their remains are rare." Professor Barrett said, "But Arsenal has a living We all cherish these dinosaurs."

据说霸王龙(可能是G的近亲)的最长寿命大约是30年。芝加哥田野博物馆保存着迄今为止发现的最古老的霸王龙化石,而霸王龙已经活了29年。 G弟兄现在已经快27岁了……“在英国,我们找不到太多完整的食肉恐龙(化石)。它们的遗体很少见。”巴雷特教授说:“但是阿森纳有一个活着的我们都珍惜这些恐龙。”

No one knows how long Brother G can stay with us. He is probably the last theropod dinosaur on earth. I heard that Arsenal intends to let G brother and German club Hamburg's dinosaur mascot Hermann (Hermann) breed offspring, but considering that they are both male, this may be difficult. But in any case, don't worry, life will give us the answer.


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