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"Backdoor listing" is a common term in the financial world. Many companies acquire the status of a listed company from another company to obtain the qualification for listing. "Buying shells" has also been a popular keyword in the Chinese Football League. It is often used by low-level league teams to acquire the qualifications of high-level league teams to achieve the goal of upgrading after failing to qualify for the League and Super League. Because there is no direct inheritance relationship, there is a certain difference from the transfer and relocation that we usually understand.

“借壳上市”是金融界的通用术语。许多公司从另一家公司获得上市公司的身份以获得上市资格。 “买壳”在中国足球联赛中也很受欢迎。低级别联赛球队经常使用它来获取高级联赛球队的资格,以在未能获得联赛和超级联赛资格后达到升级的目的。因为没有直接的继承关系,所以与我们通常理解的转移和重定位有一定的区别。

The most famous "buy shell" incident was that after Chongqing Lifan was relegated in 2003, they bought Yunnan Hongta’s Super League qualifications and then transferred their qualifications to Hunan Xiang Army to continue participating in the 2004 Super League. In history, there was also a team called Shanghai Ninetowns. It didn't last long, but after changing hands several times, it hatched two teams that are now well-known in Chinese football-Shanghai SIPG and Guizhou Hengfeng. There is a familiar name behind it, Zhu Jun.




Before entering Shenhua, Zhu Jun formed an amateur team called Shanghai Jiucheng in the name of his own company. After playing in the amateur league for two years, Zhu Jun’s appetite has also grown. They bought a second-tier team called Shanghai Tianna. After the two teams merged, they are still called Shanghai Jiucheng. The players use Tianna as the team. It is composed of a group of young people with great potential and some veterans who have been outstanding. In the 2004 Chinese Football League Two, the Jiucheng team ranked first in the number of goals of each team, won the championship with an unbeaten record, and completed the goal of scoring.


In mid-2005, Shanghai Ninetowns changed its name to "Shanghai Liancheng" to cut off from the company of Ninth City, showing that investing in football was Zhu Jun's personal behavior.


Then at the end of that year, Shanghai Union City announced the transfer of property rights to Shanghai Qunying Football Club, which means that Shanghai Qunying, a newly established club, bought the Shanghai Union City’s top qualification shell. The team uses the former Shanghai Liancheng players as the team. The famous player Shen Si serves as the head coach. The former national gates Jiangjin, Chen Gang, Xiao Liming and others are all on the team.


After dealing with the qualification of Shanghai Liancheng in the Chinese League, Zhu Jun turned his head and bought the shell of Shanghai Zhongbang, a Chinese Super League team in Shanghai at that time, and entered the top league. It is worth mentioning that at that time, Zhu Jun bought Zhongbang for only 10 million yuan, and Zhongbang also won a year's team title and chest advertisement. In 2007, Zhu Jun led the merger of Shanghai Liancheng and Shanghai Shenhua, and the name Liancheng disappeared from the Chinese league. It was not until Greenland entered Shenhua in 2014 that Zhu Jun withdrew from the professional football arena.

在处理了中国联赛中上海联城的资格后,朱军转过头,买下了当时在上海的中国超级联赛球队上海中邦的空壳,并进入了顶级联赛。值得一提的是,当时朱军仅用1000万元就买下了中邦,中邦还获得了一年的团队头衔和胸口广告。 2007年,朱军领导了上海联城和上海申花的合并,联城这个名字从中国联赛中消失了。直到2014年格陵兰进入神华之后,朱军才退出职业足球界。

Shanghai Qunying, which acquired the qualification of Shanghai Liancheng Zhongyi, also had a lot of stories in 2006. The club first contacted Bosideng, a famous down jacket manufacturer. Bosideng was preparing to win the naming rights of Qunying. The two sides had almost talked about it, but they suddenly turned out Up. In the end, Qunying accepted the sponsorship of Kangbo and played in the Chinese League in the name of Shanghai Kangbo. Their performance in the league was average.


At the end of 2006, Anhui Jiufang, who was still playing at the second level, had contact with Shanghai Qunying, hoping to acquire Qunying's qualifications in China. According to media reports at the time, “Although Kangbo has only been in football for one year and has completed relegation in the Chinese Premier League, the two Chinese Super League teams in Shanghai have made Kangbo’s living environment smaller and smaller, and transfer has become their inevitable choice. ."

2006年底,仍在第二级比赛的安徽九坊与上海群英取得联系,希望获得群英在中国的资格。据当时的媒体报道,“虽然康波只踢了一年足球,并已经降级在英超联赛中,但上海的两支中超球队却使康波的生活环境越来越小,转会已经成为他们的必然选择。 。”

In addition to Anhui, Guizhou also hopes to buy the shell of Shanghai Qunying. On February 2, Shanghai Qunying, under the leadership of head coach Shen Si, began stationing at the Hongfeng Lake Training Base in Qingzhen, Guizhou, for winter training preparations, and was warmly welcomed by Guizhou fans. Everything is only waiting for the final contract to be finalized, and then the club moved to Guizhou, and renamed Guizhou Qiankun.

除了安徽,贵州还希望购买上海群英的贝壳。 2月2日,上海群英在总教练沉思的带领下,开始驻扎在贵州清镇的红枫湖训练基地,为冬季训练做准备,并受到贵州球迷的热烈欢迎。一切都在等待最终合同的敲定,然后俱乐部搬到了贵州,并更名为贵州钱坤。

However, the transfer did not proceed as reported by the media. The biggest reason was that Guizhou had no money. According to the agreement between the investor and Shanghai Qunying at the time, Guizhou was required to pay the first 5 million yuan in January and settle the remaining 3 million yuan in April.


In March 2007, after Guizhou was unable to pay 5 million yuan, Li Wenyi, chairman of Jiucheng Real Estate and vice chairman of the Shanghai Football Association, took the offer. Li Wenyao is an avid sports fan, he himself also holds multiple positions in the sports circle, but he did not acquire a team. At that time, he offered 30 million yuan to discuss the acquisition with Xi'an International, and wanted the international team to return to Shanghai, but after Shaanxi resolutely refused, he set his sights on Shanghai Qunying.


Li Wenyao entered Shanghai Qunying through his Qidouxing Business Brigade. The club was renamed Shanghai Qidouxing. Shen Si, Jiang Jin and others were still on the team. Peng Weiguo served as the team leader, and Qi Hong, who had just retired, served as technical adviser. . The lawsuit between Guizhou Qiankun and Shanghai Qunying also became a hot topic of the year.

李文耀通过其七斗星商务大队进入上海群英。俱乐部更名为上海七斗星。沉思,江瑾和其他人仍在团队中。彭伟国担任团队负责人,刚刚退休的祁宏担任技术顾问。 。贵州前坤与上海群英之间的诉讼也成为当年的热门话题。

In the history of Shanghai football, Zhongbang is a name that cannot be avoided. Zhongbang owner Wei Ping is also a very keen player in football. He is a legend in the football circle.


Founded in 2001, Dalian Sedron was forced to relocate to Zhuhai and transferred to Zhuhai Anping in 2003 because the Football Association determined that it was related to the Shide department. In 2004, Zhongbang entered Zhuhai Anping and the team was renamed Zhuhai Zhongbang. In 2005, Zhuhai Zhongbang successfully surpassed. The club moved to Shanghai and changed to Shanghai Zhongbang. One year later, Zhongbang was bought by Zhu Jun, and the Super League qualification was given to Shanghai Liancheng. At this time, Zhongbang left the football circle.

大连赛龙成立于2001年,由于足协确定与实德相关,因此被迫迁至珠海,并于2003年转移至珠海安平。 2004年,中邦进入珠海安平,球队更名为珠海中邦。 2005年,珠海中邦成功超越。俱乐部搬到上海,并改为上海中邦。一年后,Zhongbang被朱军收购,上海联城获得了超级联赛资格。这时,中邦离开了足球圈。

In 2007, the aforementioned Shanghai Seven Stars won the 8th place in the Chinese League. The most interesting thing is that they lost successively to Guangzhou Guangyao and Chengdu Xiefei United at the end of the season, directly sending the two teams to the Super League. . In particular, on October 13th, Qi Dou Xing played against Chengdu Sheffield United. Nearly 40,000 fans surrounded the stadium in the adult sports center. The Qi Dou Xing team was suppressed by such a strong aura and lost four goals in a row. The opponent's slack scored two goals to save face.

2007年,上述上海七颗星在中国联赛中获得第八名。最有趣的是,他们在赛季结束后先后输给了广州光耀和成都协飞,直接将两队送往中超。 。特别是10月13日,齐斗星与成都谢菲尔德联队对阵。在成人运动中心,将近40,000名球迷包围了体育场。七斗星队被如此强大的光环所压制,并连续失去了四个进球。对手的懈怠打进了两个进球以挽救面子。

Due to various reasons, the Seven Stars Club was transferred in 2008, and the Zhongbang Group returned to the football circle to enter the main competition in the second division. However, the club moved from Shanghai as a whole to Wuxi. Ma Liangxing, the famous coach who once led Zhuhai Zhongbang’s Super League, replaced Shen Si as the team’s head coach.


In 2009, Wuxi Zhongbang returned to Shanghai and became the second Shanghai Zhongbang team. In order to distinguish it from the previous Shanghai Zhongbang, this team was called Shanghai Pudong Zhongbang.


At the end of 2010, Zhongbang boss Wei Ping made a major decision to participate in the training of the Shanghai National Games team. In that year, the Shanghai Sports Bureau integrated the resources of Shanghai Football. Xu Genbao’s Genbao youth training team, and China State provided league resources to form a team of Genbao 93/94 players and members of the Zhongbang echelon. The new Shanghai Zhongbang team participated in the 2011 China Second League and trained for the 2013 National Games through actual combat. The head coach of this team was Cheng Yaodong, who later led the team to play in the National Games many times. The players included He used to, Yang Shiyuan, Li Shenglong, Lin Chuangyi and others.

2010年底,中邦老板卫平做出重大决定,参加了上海国家运动会团队的训练。那年,上海市体育局整合了上海足球的资源。徐根宝的“根宝”青年训练队和中国国家提供了联赛资源,组成了“根宝” 93/94球员和中榜梯队成员。新的上海忠邦队参加了2011年中国第二联赛,并通过实战训练参加了2013年全运会。这支球队的主教练是成耀东,他后来带领球队参加了全运会。参加比赛的选手包括:何适,杨世元,李胜龙,林创义等。

Because the newly established Shanghai Zhongbang team will compete in the second division, this also forces Zhongbang to abandon the original Chinese first team and the qualifications of the second league. Wei Ping once said that he was willing to transfer the shell of Zhongbang, the middle arm, at a price of 1 yuan. In fact, there are not a few clubs who want to buy the shell of Zhongbang, and Guizhou Zhicheng will eventually succeed.


In the 2010 China League Two semi-finals, the Guizhou Zhicheng team fell short, and finally failed in the championship. Three consecutive years of failures in the first match made the Guizhou Zhicheng Club, which was wealthy at the time, lost the patience to stay in the second league. In addition, the Guizhou football market is booming and the government is also very supportive of football. They finally decided to buy shells. Chong Jia. At the beginning of 2011, Guizhou Zhicheng bought the Shanghai Zhongbang team's middle carapace for 5 million yuan, but the bad luck is that they had a rough fate in the middle class. In June, the head coach Wang Haifang was killed in a car accident. The morale of the team was a huge blow, and the long-term ranking was down. The promotion and relegation playoffs lost to Fujian Junhao. After playing for a year, they were relegated back to the second division. After successfully scoring the first place in 2012, they were relegated again in 2013.

在2010年中国联赛两半决赛中,贵州志城队未能晋级,最终未能获得冠军。首场比赛连续三年失败,当时富有的贵州志城俱乐部失去了留在第凯发k8娱乐官网入口二联赛的耐心。此外,贵州足球市场蓬勃发展,政府也非常支持足球。他们最终决定购买贝壳。崇佳2011年初,贵州志诚以500万元的价格买下了上海忠邦队的中甲,但不幸的是他们在中产阶级中的命运不佳。 6月,主教练王海芳在一场车祸中丧生。团队的士气受到巨大打击,长期排名下降。晋级和保级季后赛输给了福建骏豪。经过一年的比赛,他们被降级到第二分区。在2012年成功获得第一名之后,他们在2013年再次降级。

In 2015, due to the disbandment of Shenyang Zhongze, Guizhou returned to the first class. In the same year, Hengfeng Group took over and the team was renamed Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng. In 2016, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng used Li Bing as the general manager and head coach, and worked hard to succeed in the fight against the superpower. At the end of 2017, Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng was renamed Guizhou Hengfeng through an internal equity transfer, and the name of Zhicheng has since disappeared in football.

2015年,由于解散沉阳中泽,贵州重返头等舱。同年,恒丰集团接手,团队更名为贵州恒丰之城。 2016年,贵州恒丰之城聘请李冰担任总经理兼总教练,为与超级大国的斗争而努力奋斗。 2017年底,贵州恒丰智城通过内部股权转让更名为贵州恒丰,智城的名字此后在足球界消失了。

The new Shanghai Zhongbang competed as a Chinese second team. That year, there were many teams like Zhongbang in the Chinese second league, such as Sichuan Sichuan University, Wenzhou Baolong, Hebei Yilin Villa (later Huaxia Fortune), Shaanxi Laochenggen, etc. are all teams that exercise the National Games through the Chinese Second League.


In 2011 and 2012, Shanghai Zhongbang won the 5th and 6th places in the Southern District and North District of China B respectively. The results can only be regarded as average. At the end of 2012, due to the success of Shanghai East Asia's Super League, according to the agreement signed by the two parties, East Asia can unconditionally take back the players trained in China State, and Shanghai Zhongbang also ended its historical mission.

2011年和2012年,上海众邦分别在B区南区和北区分别获得第五和第六名。结果只能视为平均值。 2012年底,由于上海东亚超级联赛的成功,根据双方的协议,东亚可以无条件收回在中国国家训练的球员,上海中邦也结束了其历史使命。

The East Asian players returned to Shanghai East Asia to compete in the Super League with the 89/90 seniors. Later, Shanghai East Asia was collectively transferred to SIPG, which is today's Super League champion club Shanghai SIPG.


"Buying a shell" is not a special product of a specific historical period of Chinese football. It has been accompanied by the development of Chinese professional football. Objectively speaking, the frequent purchases and transfers of shells in Chinese football at that time led to the demise of many teams. Players were unable to find employment in a stable environment, which also affected the infrastructure and social reputation of Chinese football as a whole. But with the improvement of the league system, the Chinese Football Association has also introduced corresponding regulations. Coupled with the changes in everyone's understanding of investing in football and the investment environment, "buying shells" has been very rare in Chinese football in recent years. Many teams would rather start in the championship than directly buy shells. But this history is undoubtedly an excellent story for the development and exploration of Chinese football.


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