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Sports fans may remember that 2004 was a rare sports year in the new century. The European Cup, the America’s Cup, the Asian Cup and the Olympic Games were staged one after another in the summer of that year. Since then, the Asian Cup has been held in odd numbers. Football The three Intercontinental Cups never overlapped again.


I remember that most people in the sports media at that time experienced an extremely busy summer. For me, the World Cup in Korea and Japan two years ago was at best an internship, and the European Cup in Portugal was the official start of the interview career. Like the memories of the World Cup in Korea and Japan, let's start with my own job.


Sports media people with a little bit of qualifications must have heard of Lao Jin Tuan, which has even become a brand in the circle. Lao Jin, who has been engaged in tourism services since 1986, slowly opened up a tourism market for sports reporters to provide services for overseas coverage after the first "Lao Jin Sports Reporters Corps" was formed in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.


Since the 1990s, the media has developed by leaps and bounds. Let alone the growing up of professional sports newspapers, it is common practice to send journalists from the sports sector abroad to cover international competitions. With the exponential increase in the number of sports reporters abroad, a series of problems faced by reporters abroad have also followed. The birth of the Lao Jin Group has solved this problem to a large extent. At that time I was not a registered UEFA reporter, and I was not as familiar with the local environment and culture as I was in South Korea two years ago. In addition, I needed to solve a series of issues such as visa and Internet access, so I signed up for Lao Jin Portugal to save trouble. European Cup press team.


However, after experiencing this European Cup, I discovered that the accommodation of this type of press team often only has one base camp, which is more suitable for journalists from daily, evening or metropolis newspapers whose writing tasks are not so heavy, or that competitions like the Olympic Games are concentrated in A local event. Later, after having the official interview certificates of FIFA and UEFA, as a media person of a sports professional newspaper, I never participated in such a press team. Therefore, the Portuguese European Cup can be considered a unique experience.


Working in a sports professional newspaper, most of my usual identities are editors, of course, I also write articles, and I am responsible for international football. Since I often need to catch up to midnight Premier League games, I slowly developed the ability to grab drafts before the release at two o'clock. Usually 15 minutes after the end of the game, the relevant 3000+ texts have been set up.


There is a seven-hour time difference between Portugal and Beijing time during summer time. The local time for the evening game is already in the early morning hours in China. However, at that time, most of the domestic sports professional newspapers would catch up with these competitions in order to allow readers to see relevant reports as soon as possible. This is also true of our newspapers, so the task given to me was very heavy. Especially at that time, I could only enter the game with a normal ticket, and I couldn't bring my laptop to the stadium. Moreover, the internet was not developed at that time, so I had to rush back to the hotel to post the game as soon as possible after the game.


I remember the final between Portugal and Greece. I didn’t even watch the awards ceremony. I ran out of the field as soon as the final whistle sounded. Then I took out my backpack from the luggage storage area and stopped a taxi back to the hotel. I opened my notebook on the road and started knocking. word. At that time, there was no such thing as a wireless network, and the writing was based entirely on impressions and notes. Now, the writing environment is completely different. Watching TV at home, and then surfing the Internet, a high-quality competition draft can be easily completed.


In any case, if only talking about the paper media, the Chinese fans at that time were very happy, because they were the first readers in the world to see reports on European Cup matches. In terms of timeliness, it is definitely better than European media, and the professionalism of the papers is 100 times better than Japanese and Korean media.


Many fans envy the job of a sports journalist, especially the one who can cover competitions all over the world. After this interview with the delegation for the European Cup in Portugal, it is the first time that I have in-depth contact with this circle and found that some things are not what I imagined.


Not all reporters who go abroad to cover events are so dedicated-this is my biggest experience. During the entire European Cup, a colleague almost never went out of the hotel door. Writing a manuscript was either done by watching the Internet or TV, or by looking for a manuscript from a reporter nearby. In order to save money, some people even brought a rice cooker and used a box of pickled vegetables to eat in the hotel every day.


Later I learned that it was not unreasonable for some media reporters to do this. Some reporters themselves don't know much about international football. Some people don't understand the language or even can't speak a single sentence in English. Some media have to stay in hotels because they have paid the group fee for the newspaper's budget and have no extra funds to go out for interviews.


Maybe some fans want to ask, can you go out to interview if you don’t understand international football or don’t know English? However, this situation was very common in daily newspapers or evening papers. Some newspapers originally had only one or two sports department reporters. They usually interviewed local sports teams in China. At that time, every competition was a hot spot. Of course, newspapers I also joined in the excitement and said that there were reporters at the scene, so I just bite the bullet and went. Only by following this kind of journalist team can I save a lot of trouble.


At that time, the thing that most surprised me was the reporter selling tickets. At that time, the press team had six tickets for each media because of the sponsor BenQ. This is simply a big benefit for those of us who have no coverage card. These tickets are sponsored tickets. In principle, they cannot be used for commercial transactions. However, the tickets are also clearly priced. They are generally first-class tickets of more than 100 euros. Not only are they well located, they are not expensive.


For me, these tickets are of course the capital for the interview, and none of them can be wasted. However, for some colleagues in the group, they seem to be a way to make money. They don’t watch the ball. They ran out of the field before the game and looked for it. At a good price, the tickets were sold to fans from other countries or scalping dealers. At that time, it was rumored that some people made the down payment for the house by selling tickets, and they didn't know whether it was true or not.


But what is certain is that if you encounter England fans, the ticket sellers are completely likely to kill them severely. One is that they are not short of money, and the second is that they are crowded, there are always tickets and a lot of cash. And I want to see the irons of my team's game. If there are 10 tickets in hand that can be sold to England fans, then the down payment for a suite will really come out.


Speaking of England fans, this may be a topic I cannot do without every time I interview the European Cup and the World Cup. In the South Korea-Japan World Cup two years ago, England played five games in Japan, but was kicked home by Ronaldinho’s shocking kick. In Korea, I have never seen an English fan. This time I finally have it. Have a chance to experience the legendary army of Three Lions fans. After all, for England fans, it’s too convenient to go to Portugal. There is no jet lag (Portugal and Spain have a one-hour jet lag). Even if there is no European Cup, there are also British people everywhere in Algarve, Lisbon and Porto in the summer. , It is exactly the back garden of the British holiday.

谈到英格兰球迷,这可能是我每次访问欧洲杯和世界杯时都不能做的话题。两年前,在日韩世界杯上,英格兰在日本踢了5场比赛,但小罗令人震惊的一脚被踢回了主场。在韩国,我从未见过英语迷。这次我终于有了它。有机会体验传说中的三狮军团。毕竟,对于英格兰球迷来说,去葡萄牙太方便了。没有时差(葡萄牙和西班牙有一个小时的时差)。即使没有欧洲杯,夏天的阿尔加维,里斯本和波尔图也到处都有英国人。 ,正是英国假期的后花园。

Regarding my knowledge of England fans, I happened to find a manuscript written 16 years ago on the Internet. It is also one of the few manuscripts about the Portuguese European Cup that is still on the Internet. If I remember correctly, this article should have been awarded by the province. Of course, this is not something worth showing off. "I saw the English football hooligans" has a little bit of party meaning. There are many unruly English fans, but I haven't seen real violent elements. Looking at these words at the time, it evoked many memories.

关于我对英格兰球迷的了解,我碰巧在网上找到了一份16年前写的手稿。这也是关于葡萄牙欧洲杯仍在互联网上的少数凯发国际首页入口手稿之一。如果我没记错的话,这篇文章应该是该省颁发的。当然,这不值得炫耀。 “我看过英国足球小流氓”有一点派对意义。有很多不守规矩的英国歌迷,但是我还没有看到真正的暴力元素。看着当时的这些话,它唤起了许多回忆。



Regardless of whether these films have stimulated some people's nerves, at least the British police have already made preparations early, and no one wants to see the tragic scene of Belgium at the 2000 European Championships reappear. It is the most effective way to stop domestic football hooligans from going to Portugal. As early as May, 2312 football hooligans who were included in the "blacklist" were banned from travelling to Portugal, which is also the largest ban on overseas football matches in British history. Nevertheless, according to British police estimates, there are still about 60,000 British fans who will rush to Portugal. There will be 50,000 for the first Anglo-French battle alone. In addition, there will be about 200,000 English fans. On holidays in Portugal, it is difficult to guarantee that these people are very disciplined. The British Home Office said: "No one can guarantee that they will not make trouble. The British police are making their best efforts, but they cannot absolutely guarantee that there will be no fish slipping through the net."


For those British fans who have arrived in Portugal, the British side can only cooperate with the local police to control it. Judging from the situation in the past few days, it seems that there is not much problem. It's just that some drunk British fans made the Portuguese police nervous for a while, and there was a fan clash in the Algarve last Thursday, including some British fans, but the scale was small. When the reporter came to Lisbon to stay at the hotel and turned on the TV, Sky TV was broadcasting news about British fans. A Portuguese authority said on TV: “99.5% of British fans behave properly and they are very happy here. Lisbon The police will hold regular press conferences to announce the security situation and some measures." In addition, in the west of Lisbon, the Portuguese police set up a "buffer" to allow English fans to take the bus directly to the stadium and the airport.

对于那些抵达葡萄牙的英国球迷,英方只能与当地警察合作对其进行控制。从过去几天的情况来看,似乎没有太大问题。只是有些醉酒的英国球迷使葡萄牙警察紧张了一阵子,上周四阿尔加维发生了一场球迷冲突,其中包括一些英国球迷,但规模很小。当记者来到里斯本停留在酒店并打开电视时,天空电视台正在播放有关英国球迷的新闻。葡萄牙当局在电视上说:“ 99.5%的英国球迷表现得很正常,他们对此非常高兴。里斯本警方将定期举行新闻发布会,宣布安全局势和一些措施。”此外,在里斯本西部,葡萄牙警方设立了一个“缓冲区”,以允许英国球迷将公共汽车直接带到体育场和体育场。飞机场。

Direct hit


After interviewing the opening game, the reporter rushed to Lisbon from Porto overnight in order to capture every bit of the British fans on the first scene. It is obviously not enough to watch news reports in China, only close contact can experience the British fan culture.


The Iria Hotel where the reporter stayed has just opened and has already received some British fans. This is the first batch of British fans that the reporter has come into contact with. Thanks to the support of sponsors, these fans have a certain guarantee in terms of "quality". It is more appropriate to describe it as "gentleman in jersey".


From TV news, reporters found that Portugal, France, and Spain are very concerned about the actions of English fans. Football hooligans have even become a social topic. The performance of these British fans on TV screens is very different from what reporters encountered in hotels. On Saturday night, many English fans gathered in the Marqués de Pombal Square in Lisbon’s largest Belém district. The TV footage recorded a group of drunk English fans seeking provocations and having small-scale clashes with fans from other countries. Some people threw bottles toward the street window, and several leading riot police were taken away. Some rely on the ground and refuse to go. Fortunately, the situation was not serious, and the conflict was quickly stopped. According to Reuters, an English fan was formally arrested by the Portuguese police, and the British Embassy in Portugal confirmed the incident.


A French television station recorded an interesting scene near the bar street by the famous Tejo River in Lisbon. A fan in an English team uniform was lying upright in a clearing. Obviously he was drunk. The host walked over and patted him. This person was like a dead person without any reaction. When I came to the bar, almost all British fans sat in it. Most of the fans were convinced that their team could defeat France. When they saw the TV footage, the fans who were already a little drunk were more excited, singing and dancing, and it was more interesting. Yes, a British female fan who drank too much was a little confused, but said to the French TV camera: "We will be very disciplined and will not cause trouble, because the victory is ours."


Seeing these TV pictures, I thought that I was at the scene of the Great Britain and France war. Therefore, before I set out to interview the night game, I couldn't help but feel a little more vigilant in my heart, "Just relax and don't talk nonsense."


The football hooligans that ordinary people understand are like this: They come to the stadium with malice and stinky sweat and mouthful of alcohol. They come to the stadium to watch the game, but also to fight. They are terrorists on the side of the stadium. Of course, it is obviously inappropriate to directly claim that English fans are football hooligans. At least most English fans let reporters see their lovely side. Since last Saturday, the Marques de Pombal Square in the center of Lisbon has become a sea of ​​fans. Although the cross flags of England are hung around the fountain, the unwilling French also want to join forces here. From time to time, you can see a few Frenchmen running into the middle of the fountain and shouting a few words. Unlike the reporter's imagination, the English and French fans here are very friendly with each other, and there is no conflict. Everyone just sings their own songs face to face, hoping to suppress each other. Of course, due to the number of disadvantages, the French fans are always less powerful than the opponent. In a corner of the square, there is a place for painting. Everyone is willing to paint their national flag on their faces. At this time, the fans of both sides are very cooperative, and there are even scenes where the fans of the two countries help each other and paint each other's faces.


On the morning of the 13th, fans wearing red or white English team uniforms can be seen everywhere around the Stadium of Light. Before the game started, the Columbus supermarket near the stadium became the world of English fans. A group of guys sang dirty songs and teased the French fans on the opposite side. The latter did not dare to fight back. On the grass outside, there are three English fans openly peeing at a group of Frenchmen, what an alternative football "hooligans". In a blink of an eye, another old guy also became presumptuous and convenient under a small tree.


In contrast, French fans can only use the word "worse" to describe them. Everyone really didn't dare to speak out. It was not until they came to the stands that they shouted together with the big team. However, the "weak" Frenchman became the luckiest person. In order to press the article, the reporter hurried to take the bus and left the stadium for about 500 meters, and still heard the carnival of French fans in the stadium. As for the England fans, what will happen. When the reporter presses the article, the English people must be rushing to the bar. After drinking, what will happen next?


The manuscript of that year is temporarily quoted here. I forgot to say that England had been leading 1-0 in that game. After that, Beckham missed a penalty kick to bury the suspense. In stoppage time, Zidane made a free kick and scored a penalty created by Henry. France People finally staged a shocking reversal. I remember sitting on the side of the England goal and seeing Gerrard committing a fatal error just over a dozen meters in front of him. The reply was sent directly to Henry. The English fans next to him were stupid. If the Three Lions can focus more attention, even if it is a draw, the final group first may not be France, then the quarter-finals will be England vs. Greece. Can the myth of the latter be staged? Looking at the highlights of that game, what memories do you have?


To be continued...


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