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Regarding Inter Milan's 4-3 home win over Fiorentina, Conte admitted after the game that they sometimes have an offensive and defensive imbalance on the court, but he also emphasized that he must learn to enjoy the team's progress.


Fiorentina took the lead in just 3 minutes of the game, and Lautaro equalized the score before the end of the first half. In the second half, Inter Milan once overtook the score, but Florence's two counterattacks allowed them to complete the reversal. In the final stage of the game, Lukaku and Dan Brosio scored two consecutive cities and finally helped the Nerazzurri win 4-3.

佛罗伦萨仅仅在比赛的3分钟内就取得了领先,而Lautaro在上半场结束前将比分扳平。下半场,国际米兰一度超过比分,但佛罗伦萨的两次反击使他们完成了逆转。在比赛的最后阶段,卢卡库(Lukaku)和丹·布罗西奥(Dan Brosio)连续两次攻入城市,并最终帮助内拉祖里(Nerazzurri)4-3获胜。

"Able to get 3 points is obviously very important, but considering our performance throughout the game, this is the only fair result." Conte said after the game.


"The positive aspect of this game is that we scored 4 goals and created many opportunities to score more goals. I think Fiorentina goalkeeper Dragovsky performed very well today."


"We invested heavily in the frontcourt to create trouble for Fiorentina, but at the same time we were not focused enough when facing their counterattack. The boys knew that we needed to improve in this area because we had to be both offensive and defensive. Putting heavy troops in, balance between offense and defense is the key to everything. In this game, we sometimes have offensive and defensive imbalances, and we also paid the price for those mistakes."


"We have to try to defend with forward pressure instead of retreating in the back. We want to press our opponents. This is Kolarov's first game. Dan Brosio is also playing as a central defender, but Our entire team must function in the right way."


"Our offense today impressed me even though I think sometimes we have too many players in front of us. This leaves some room for Fiorentina to counterattack. We must learn to pay more attention to defense."


"Eriksson? Like other players, we are all trying to make them have the best conditions for the game. I think after coming to Inter Milan, Eriksson has improved his confrontation intensity, he is now in his own In an ideal role, that is the position of the front waist behind the two forwards."


"I think Eriksson played well in this game. We all know that he has some outstanding strengths, and we are also trying to inspire them. Sometimes that takes some time, so I have confidence in him and have patience. He is A good player, he has made a lot of contributions to the team. I hope he can eventually be ignited to help him find the best game state."


"After coaching Inter Milan for a year, I realized that everyone is so concerned about the results that people forget that this is a journey we need to go through. I hope this is an important journey, even if we lose, we can learn. Things, so we have to enjoy."


"A head coach should enjoy the team's progress more. This is something I need to learn. Sometimes failures or setbacks make me feel angry and make me forget to enjoy the process, so I am trying to learn this. "


"Inter are seen as competing for the team? I think last season has allowed us to accumulate some confidence, we scored a lot of points, and finally ranked second in Serie A, also created a lot of positive factors. In addition, the most important thing is that we are in Europe The battle arena also accumulated confidence, because Inter Milan needs to reach the final of the European war."


"We must continue to work hard to consolidate that performance and confidence, and bring happiness to our fans. Even in a game like today, the players have never given up. They have shown a stronger desire to win. I help them And proud."

“我们必须继续努力以巩固这种表现和信心,并为我们的粉丝带来快乐。即使在像今天这样的比赛中,球员们也从未放弃过。他们表现出了更大的获胜欲望。我为他们提供帮助并且感到自豪。 ”

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